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OVP PuEr teabag is on sale - no excuses not to start drinking stylish healthy Chinese tea!  MUST BUYs are our international award-winning teas.  You will enjoy every sip of the brew.  

The gift of natural premium quality PuEr Tea that not only tastes great but also has various health benefitsOld Village PuEr offers various award-winning teas including Fresh Fusion 6-year vintage raw PuEr Tea. All tea leaves are harvested by hand from the Yunnan famous old mountains in China during the spring season, fermented and processed entirely in Singapore certified by HACCP food safety. 

* 100% Natural Full Tea Leaves * NO Pesticide * NO Artificial Flavouring * NO Preservertives * NO Expiry if unopened * HACCP Certified *

Enjoy Free delivery within Singapore with S$50 purchases or Free delivery overseas with S$150 purchases.  Happy shopping!


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