Door Gift Set - OVP Tea Classic Collection - OVP Tea

Door Gift Set - OVP Tea Classic Collection

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5 of our tasteful OVP tea @ only $12!  

You Know You’re Going to Tea. Get Smart About It.

Our tea bags are biodegradable and made in Singapore.

Get a taste of the unique selection of premium OVP teas with a full-bodied natural floral aroma and recurring sweetness.

Experience for yourself the result of the unparalleled care and attention we invest in stringent selection and process in a traditional and professional way.

Includes top of the range of Chinese teas.


经典装: 新加坡制造 三角包 袋泡茶

经典装内装 4 种不同口味 各一独立袋。


2 袋 普洱熟茶:黄金时代;

1 袋 普洱生茶:  红粉佳人;

1袋 桂花红茶:花样年华 ;

1袋  陈年六堡:热带风情

Contents of Old Village PuEr Tea Classic Collection

  • FIVE (05) individually packaged sachet, including:
  • 2 PuErh: Golden Moments (Shou PuEr);
  • 1 PuErh: Enchanted Beauty (Sheng PuEr) 
  • 1 Osmanthus Black Tea: Sweet Sixteen
  • 1 LiuPao Tea: Tropical Romance

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