Family Harmony Bundle - CNY24 Promo-1  $88
Family Harmony Bundle - CNY24 Promo-1  $88

Family Harmony Bundle - CNY24 Promo-1 $88

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Family Harmony Bundle 家庭和谐礼包

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Amidst the feasting and festivities, let's talk balance. Too many heavy meals during CNY? Take our 'Family Harmony Bundle', which comes with

Lychee Black tea, Sheng PuEr in dragon peal, Osmanthus Tie-Guan-Yin, and a borosilicate glass filter cup worth $112.

1) The Lychee Black tea: 

OVP Tea, the ultra-premium Chinese tea brand, invites you to experience the sweet and fragrant taste of Lychee Once More. Indulge in this premium black tea blended with natural lychee essence and dried lychee fruit pieces, resulting in a deliciously aromatic and fruity flavor. Perfect for any occasion, hot or iced.

2) The  Sheng PuEr in dragon peal

This 2016 vintage Enchanted Beauty® Sheng PuEr tea, is meticulously crafted into elegant dragon pearls. Sourced from Yunnan's famous PuEr tea trees, this tea offers mint-like sweetness and a rich, velvety tea liquor. Each pearl is a journey into a world of pure indulgence, known for its health benefits.

3) The Osmanthus green Oolong Tie-Guan-Yin

Celebrate the arrival of September with our exquisite Osmanthus Tie Guan Yin tea, a unique green oolong blended with fragrant osmanthus blossoms. Enjoy the fresh and floral aroma that perfectly complements the natural sweetness of the finest whole leaf Tie Guan Yin tea.

4) The borosilicate glass filter cup 

To make your brewing experience even better, we've included a Glass Filter Cup. Ideal for teabags and loose tea leaves, this handmade cup comes with a handle, lid, and filter, ensuring elegance and convenience in every sip.

Sip the Joy, Digest the Bliss.

This festival, it's not just about the feast, but the moments shared over a cup of OVP Tea. Buy now, your stomach will thank you later!

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