FRESH FUSION® Award-Winning Old Village PuEr Tea Pouch

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GlobalTea Championship 2018     

A lively tea with sparkling clarity, this award-winning tea displays a well-balanced multi-dimensional layer that invites you to come back for more.   FRESH FUSION is simply divine, you cannot stop drinking!

Immerse yourself in this unique experience to energise the start of your day as you relish the tea flavours that vary with different water temperature.  Enjoy 1-2 cups daily, especially in morning and afternoon for alertness.

6 years vintage as of 2018.  


In addition to all PuEr health benefits, FRESH FUSION helps to reduce heatiness and aids detox.  Especially for trouble with pimples and heatiness, and seeking good skin quality. 

全球名茶锦标赛 得奖名茶

绿柳鲜香    2012年普洱生茶     FRESH FUSION     


香气浓郁而清爽,口感饱满,空杯余香持久。 回甘强烈,生津好。

尤其在早晨与午饭后,喝上一杯,给您带来灵感与活力。  有助解热气,青春痘。

Contents of Fresh Fusion Old Village PuEr Tea 

  • 12 biodegradable pyramid teabags in resealable convenient pouch
  • Premium grade whole leaves raw PuEr tea, 1st & 2nd leaves, not tea dust 



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