Old Village PuEr Tea Taster Pack

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Get a taste of the unique selection of premium OVP teas with full-bodied natural floral aroma and recurring sweetness.

Experience for yourself the result of the unparalleled care and attention we invest in stringent selection and process in a traditional and professional way.

Hand-picked from Yunnan arbor trees in the famous PuEr mountains during the Spring season, the tea undergoes traditional processes and is stored professionally for 6 -11 years.


三角包老树原叶普洱袋泡茶  -  试喝装 

试喝装内装 4种不同口味 各一独立袋,共 4 袋 普洱茶叶:   绿柳香花、黄金时代、红粉佳人和橘色恋人。

Contents of Old Village PuEr Tea Taster Pack

  • 1 individually packaged sachet each of 4 different tea flavours - Fresh Fusion, Golden Moments, Enchanted Beauty and Majestic Vintage 


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