Parental Bliss Set - CNY24 Promo-3  $388
Parental Bliss Set - CNY24 Promo-3  $388

Parental Bliss Set - CNY24 Promo-3 $388

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Parental Bliss Set 孝顺父母 配套 

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Bundle includes:

1) Tribute PuEr Mt.Yibang 2015

2) Shou PuEr Mt HeKai 2006 with the highest fragrance Chaphor tree aroma

 3) Tasting Cup Tenmoku Jianzhan Cha-wan

Yes, just for you to express filial piety, we present the 'Parental Bliss Set' - a thoughtful gesture that speaks volumes.

A sip of history, a gift for the heart.

First on the list, is our Sheng PuEr Tribute Tea, a rare gem loosened from a 357g teacake with an RSP of $880. This ultra-premium tea hails from Mt. Yibang, known for its long history as a tribute to the Emperor since the Qing dynasty. With superfine quality, captivating complexity, and mesmerizing Puer tea, each sip is a journey through time and tradition.

The story of Yibang Mountain unfolds in every cup. It was the tribute tea during the Qing Dynasty, and now it is truly a gift from your heart to your parents.

A symphony of fragrances, a melody of warmth.

Next, experience Zhang Xiang Wang™ - born from OVP's Special Fermentation Formula. Crafted from ancient Pu'er trees in Yunnan, this Shou PuEr offers powerful notes of camphor tree and Chinese herbs, with strong sweetness, full-bodied richness, and a warm mellow aftertaste.

Zhang Xiang Wang™ is not just a tea; it's an experience. The symphony of flavors for your loved ones.

Elegance in every sip, richness in every moment.

Enhance your tea experience with our Tenmoku Cha-wan - a traditional teacup from Fujian, China. Admire its eye-catching patterns, sweetening the water, and enhancing water texture, making each tea session a visual and aromatic delight.

Elevate your tea ritual with Tenmoku Cha-wan. The touch of elegance for your tea time.

Create moments of joy and appreciation for your parents. A gift that transcends generations, because some gifts say more than words ever could.

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