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The Charm of Singapore Old Village PuEr Tea Collection

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This collection consists of three gift boxes for tea lovers who like the powerful taste and recurring sweetness of OVP premium raw PuEr tea including Majestic Vintage, Fresh Fusion and Enchanted Beauty, all made in Singapore!

OVP pyramid tea bag materials are 100% biodegradable and made in Japan.  Tea leaves are given ample room to release all essentials with a full aroma to form a perfect cup of desired OVP tea.

GlobalTea Championship 2018 赢奖茶        

绿柳鲜香   2012年普洱生茶    FRESH FUSION


香气浓郁而清爽,口感饱满,空杯余香持久。 回甘强烈,生津好。

尤其在早晨与午饭后,喝上一杯,给您带来灵感与活力。  有助解热气,青春痘。

橘色恋人  2009年普洱生茶    MAJESTIC VINTAGE

市面上少有的  9 年陈老树生茶。


茶气大,回甘强,花香沉。  纯正清雅,蜜香,有力道。  助提神、消化、去油解腻、降血糖。

红粉佳人  2011年普洱生茶    ENCHANTED BEAUTY




Contents of The Charm Singapore Collection

  • One box of Fresh Fusion: 6-year vintage raw PuEr tea as of 2018. Characteristic: Refreshing
  • One box of Majestic Vintage: 9-year vintage raw PuEr tea as of 2018. Characteristic: Robust
  • One box of Enchanted Beauty: 7-year vintage raw PuEr tea as of 2018. Characteristic: Long-lasting Floral Aroma
  • Each gift box includes 24 individually packaged teabags



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