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The Vintage of Singapore Old Village PuEr Tea Collection

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This collection consists of three gift boxes for tea lovers who enjoy a more vintage taste of OVP premium tea including Tropical Romance, Golden Moments and Majestic Vintage, all made in Singapore!

OVP pyramid tea bag materials are 100% biodegradable and made in Japan.  Tea leaves are given ample room to release all essentials with a full aroma to form a perfect cup of desired OVP tea.

香港国际茶展名茶比赛2016 得奖名茶 – 黑茶亚军

热带风情   2005年六堡古树茶    TROPICAL ROMANCE


稀有六堡古树赢奖茶。  红浓陈醇、水柔、韵足、体感好。  泡上八分钟汤感粘稠而有力道,回甘好。 体感温热舒爽。  喝上一杯,去湿气、消暑、又消滞。

黄金时代    2007年普洱熟茶    GOLDEN MOMENTS


抑菌助消化、暖胃、去油腻、降血糖。 顺滑、浓厚,不苦不涩。

醇厚顺滑,甘甜舒爽。  尤其在美食当后,喝上一杯,去油腻,同时还具备养神安神之功效。 有助瘦身、降油脂与胆固醇、胃痛、糖尿病者。

橘色恋人   2009年普洱生茶    MAJESTIC VINTAGE

市面上少有的  9 年陈老树生茶。


茶气大,回甘强,花香沉。  纯正清雅,蜜香,有力道。  助提神、消化、去油解腻、降血糖。

Contents of The Vintage of Singapore Collection

  • One box of Tropical Romance: Award-winning tea in Hong Kong International Tea Competition.  13-year vintage rare Liupao tea as of 2018.  Characteristic: Intense
  • One box of Golden Moments: 11-year vintage fermented PuEr tea as of 2018.  Characteristic:  Classic Fullness
  • One box of Majestic Vintage: 9-year vintage raw PuEr tea as of 2018.  Characteristic: Robust
  • Each gift box includes 24 individually packaged tea bags



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