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Puer Tea Shrinks Body Fat in Japanese Study.

In 1986, a Japanese study showed that PuEr tea had a significant reduction of adipose tissue (body fat). Alternative medicine expert Bryce Wylde stated that Puer tea speeds up your metabolism and shrinks fat cells; it has enzyme-activating ingredients, such as garlic acid, that shrink fat tissue.

Puer Tea has a remarkable impact on the digestive system

Acupuncturist Amie Brooke Nelson L. Ac, MSOM, uses Puer tea in her practice.  She says, "Many people in our culture have very weak digestion and excess weight—and it has everything to do with food and drink that create 'internal dampness' in the body," explained TCM practitioners use the word "dampness" to refer to the build-up of negative, sluggish energy in the body.


A Promising Remedy Against Diabetes

One of the most promising applications of Puer tea is as a treatment for diabetes. According to scientists at Jilin University and the Changchun Science and Technology University, Puer significantly reduces blood sugar levels.  Sheng Jun, deputy mayor of Puer city said: "The experts believe drinking the right amounts of Puer tea can help lower blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes to some extent." 普洱茶的功效:消脂,助消化,降血糖,提神,安神,解压,美容,抗衰老

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