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ENCHANTED BEAUTY® Old Village PuEr Tea Pouch

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Be delighted by this long-lasting tea floral aroma with a sophisticated twist.  Alluringly light in appearance; sip a cup of OVP raw PuEr tea as you take time to appreciate the beauty in life.  Good for hot or cold brew.

7 years vintage as of 2018. 

Enchanted Beauty Power

Relaxes your mind and helps to clear digestive tract.

红粉佳人  2011年普洱生茶     ENCHANTED BEAUTY




Contents of Enchanted Beauty Old Village PuEr Tea Pouch

  • 12 biodegradable pyramid teabags in a resealable convenient pouch
  • Premium grade whole leaves raw PuEr tea, 1st & 2nd leaves, not tea dust 


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