New product launch - Aged White Tea

Old Village PuEr New Product Launch for aged White Tea has just been successfully conduct at 37 Kreta Ayer Road retail shop with Facebook Live broadcast.


"It is excited to launch new tea category, White Tea, to our clients after premium selection has been done. It is not an easy one especially during CoVID-19," said by Christopher Chau, the tea master of OVP tea, "White tea is now getting more popular among young tea lovers.  We selected all premium white tea from premium tea origin, Fu Ding, which guarantees the best quality and taste."


All four new products are broadly line up to showcase White Tea:

Silver Fairy

It is White Hair Silver Needles, the top grade of White Tea, vintage 2018

Peony Fairy

It is Bai Mu Dan in White Tea, vintage 2018, in compressed mini tea brick form.

White Fairy

It is Shou Mei in White Tea, vintage 2018 as well.

As an old Chinese saying, in white tea, " 1 year vintage is tea; 3 years is medicine; while 7 years it becomes treasure."   (白茶:一年茶,三年药,七年宝)

Aged White Teacake

It is a real treasure as it vintage for 11 years.

In today's grading, it is Gong Mei (贡眉).  This grade starts since 2015.

It is a rare white tea cake that worth to own for at least one piece.

All audience attended are very satisfied the aroma and taste during the product launch.  

Click here for demonstrations on how to brew these tea, please watch OVp Tea Facebook LIVE replay.  (Official start from 0:22:00; Brewing starts from 1:21:00 in the reply)

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