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Mount Mengsong: OVP Premium Raw PuEr Loose Tea & Teacake of Different Vintages

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Old Village Premium Raw PuEr Loose Tea & Teacake of Different Vintages (2006, 2009, 2012) from Mount Mengsong

This vintage collection of raw PuEr tea is loosen from our premium Teacakes.  Tea from Arbor Trees are rich in aroma and full of flavour. 

About Mount Mengsong

Mount Mengsong is a famous mountain for PuEr Tea.  PuEr tea leaves from Mount Mengsong are slightly floral and sweet followed by a delightful aftertaste.

勐宋山2012年 老树早春普洱生茶     袋装 / 茶饼


汤色金黄明亮。 茶甜味持久、柔顺、饱满。

勐宋山2009年 老树早春普洱生茶     袋装 / 茶饼


汤色橙黄明亮。 茶甜、柔顺、饱满。

勐宋山2006年 老树早春普洱生茶    袋装 / 茶饼



Contents of Mount Mengsong Premium Loose Tea 

  • 100 g net weight of raw loose PuEr tea leaves from Teacakes
  • 100% natural tea leaves with no artificial flavoring, preservatives or pesticide

Consumption of Mount Mengsong Premium Loose Tea & Teacake

  • For all age groups 
  • Enjoy daily, especially in morning and afternoon for alertness or when feeling tired
  • Ideal for meetings in office, celebrations or gatherings

What Makes Old Village PuEr Tea Special

  • 100% natural tea leaves from a 100 year Arbor Tea Tree in famous PuEr Tea mountain
  • Harvested by hand during spring season
  • Packed and certified with HACCP in Singapore 
  • Rich and full-bodied flora aroma with recurring sweetness in your mouth and long-lasting empty cup fragrance

Preparing Old Village PuEr Tea

  • For Personal Consumption
  1. Place tea leaves in a teapot
  2. Add hot water (90oC) till it covers the tea leaves, leave for 2-3 seconds
  3. Discard the hot water in the cup
  4. Add hot water (90oC)
  5. 5-second infusion time for each brew
  6. Able to brew up to 10-15 cups of tea 
  • For Group Consumption
1 gm tea leaves is to 30 ml water
5 gm tea leaves is to 150 ml water
You may adjust your preference according to this ratio




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