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TROPICAL ROMANCE® Award-Winning Old Village Aged Liu Pao Tea Gift Box

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First Runner-Up at the Hong Kong International Tea Competition 2016, this Award-Winning rare Liu Pao tea is a 13-year vintage harvested by hand in Spring. 

Indeed a rare Aged Liupao tea with authentic full tea leaves, this award-winning tea displays depth of character with a good bodied rounded taste that is inviting.  Superior with reddish brown clarity, this intriguing tea is smooth, warms and relaxes your body.

Exuding warmth and a pleasing silky smooth texture, this unique blend scores high for its flavour, aftertaste and the pleasant experience it renders.  Enjoy 1-2 cups daily anytime of the day.


Helps to reduce body moisture, heatiness and constipation.  Especially for trouble with rheumatism, high body heat, heatiness, smooth bowels, and seeking general good health.

香港国际茶展名茶比赛2016 得奖名茶 

热带风情   2005年六堡古树茶       TROPICAL ROMANCE


稀有六堡古树赢奖茶。  红浓陈醇、水柔、韵足、体感好。  泡上八分钟汤感粘稠而有力道,回甘好。 体感温热舒爽。  喝上一杯,去湿气、消暑、又消滞。

Contents of Tropical Romance Old Village Pu Er Tea Gift Box

  • 24 individually packaged tea bags in a gift box, or 12 teabags with a borosilicate filter cup with lid worth $20
  • Premium grade whole rare Liu Pao tea leaves 
  • 1st & 2nd leaves from a famous mountain in China



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