Koizumi Nezaemon Announces Transition to 11th Generation Leadership


Koizumi Nizaemon Announces Transition to 11th Generation Leadership

SINGAPORE, 27 November 2023 – Koizumi Nizaemon, a distinguished name synonymous with the artistry of Nanbu Tetsubin, proudly announces a momentous transition as Koizumi Takahiro assumes the esteemed title of the 11th generation of Koizumi Nizaemon. This succession marks a new chapter in the legacy of craftsmanship and tradition that has defined the Koizumi family for generations.

Congratulations to Koizumi Takahiro:
As the Worldwide Sole agent (except Japan and China) of Koizumi Nizaemon, Old Village PuEr Pte Ltd (OVP Tea) extends heartfelt congratulations to Koizumi Takahiro for assuming the mantle as the 11th generation of the Koizumi Nizaemon family. With a rich heritage in Nanbu Tetsubin craftsmanship, Koizumi Takahiro brings a dedication to quality and a commitment to preserving the family's legacy.

Wishing Longevity to the 10th Koizumi (Kiyoaki):
In tandem with this transition, we extend our blessings for a long and healthy life to Koizumi Kiyoaki, who has gracefully guided the family legacy for over a century. His enduring contributions to the art of Tetsubin craftsmanship have left an indelible mark.

Collector's Delight – Limited Production from the 10th Generation:
To our esteemed clients who possess Tetsubin crafted by the 10th generation, congratulations! The inherent value of these pieces is poised to increase, given that no further productions will be undertaken by Koizumi Kiyoaki.

Certification by the 11th Generation (Takahiro):
Effective immediately, all indent orders for Koizumi Nizaemon's Tetsubin will be meticulously crafted and certified by the 11th generation, Koizumi Takahiro. This ensures a seamless continuation of the family's legacy of excellence.

Special Celebration Prices:
To celebrate Koizumi Takahiro's assumption of family leadership, we are pleased to announce Special Celebration Prices for a limited quantity of each design. This exclusive offer is available for a limited period, ending on 30 December 2023, or until stocks last.

Starting at S$1,588 - Brand-new world-class masterpiece:
Avail yourself of this unique opportunity, with starting prices as low as S$1,588. Embrace the artistry and tradition of Koizumi Nizaemon at an unprecedented value.

Explore Celebration Prices on Our Official Website:
For detailed information on the Celebration Prices and to secure your own piece of Koizumi Nizaemon's legacy, please visit our official website (click here) at 


Embark on this journey with Koizumi Nizaemon masterpiece as we continue to set the standard for Nanbu Tetsubin craftsmanship, blending tradition with innovation under the guidance of the 11th generation, Koizumi Takahiro.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Christopher Chau
+65 8110 8189 (WhatsApp Business)

About Koizumi Nizaemon

History of Japanese Kettle Artisan "Koizumi Nizaemon"

The history of kettle artisan Koizumi Nizaemon closely aligns with the history of Nanbu Tetsubin.

The first Nizaemon, Gorouhachi, was appointed as a kettle artisan to Lord Jūjirō Sunao in the second year of Manji (1659), marking the beginning of Nanbu Kama when he crafted tea kettles in the castle town of Morioka.

Furthermore, during the Hōreki era (around 1750), the third-generation Nizaemon (Kiyonori) conceived the idea of a convenient water-boiling vessel, giving birth to Nanbu Tetsubin.

During the Edo period, Koizumi Kiyonori served as the EXCLUSIVE kettle artisan for the Nanbu domain, producing all tea kettles and iron teapots. As a result, he came to be known as the "O-kama-ya" (Great Kettle Shop 御釜屋) by the people.
This name was adopted as the shop's brand, and to this day, the Koizumi family has inherited the title of Nizaemon, with the current head being the eleventh generation Koizumi Takahiro.

Thanks to the patronage received, Koizumi Nizaemon kettles have gained high acclaim as "Nizaemon Kama 仁左卫门釜", which continues to utilize traditional techniques while incorporating the latest sensibilities and techniques, striving to create products that enhance your rich and fulfilling life.

Distinctive Features of Nizaemon Kettles

Shaped and textured with the backing of tradition, Nizaemon Kettles exude a unique atmosphere and dignity.
While cherishing the spirit of Wabi Sabi, and Yūgen, Koizumi Nizaemon create works that not only endure prolonged use and appreciation but also resonate with the new sensibilities of each era.

Nizaemon Kettles employ distinctive production methods and finishing processes.
As they are used over time, the taste and color of the water improve.

Additionally, no special preparation is required before use, and they can be used from the first boiling. Water boiled in a Nizaemon Kettle possesses a unique mellowness, enhancing the flavor of beverages and food, and contributing to overall health.

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