Sip the Moonlight: OVP Tea launch first Mid Autumn Festival promotion bundle

Celebrate Mid Autumn Festival with OVP Tea's Golden memories Bundle! 🍵


As the radiant glow of the full moon graces our skies, we step into the enchanting realm of the Mid Autumn Festival.
At OVP Tea, we believe in crafting traditions, and this year, we've brewed something truly magical for you, your cherished friends, and beloved family members. Welcome to our world of exquisite teas with the Golden Melody Tea Bundle!

🌟 Golden memories Tea Bundle: An Ode to Tradition 🌟

✨ Golden memories Tea: Picture yourself savoring a cup of tranquility, as you're transported to a serene Chinese garden under a moonlit sky.
Our Golden memories tea, meticulously handpicked to preserve its unrivaled quality, embodies centuries of tea culture and refinement.
Immerse yourself in this golden elixir, now available at a special price of just $98 for 2 boxes.

🍵 Complimentary 3 porcelain hand-drawn tasting cups worth !8:
Elevate your tea experience to celestial heights with our exquisite tasting cups, a tribute to the festival's luminous beauty.
Get ready to unlock the true essence of our Golden memories tea, as we gift you this mesmerizing tasting cups, valued at $18, when you purchase 2 boxes of Golden memories tea. This exclusive Mid Autumn Festival offer is a celebration of both tradition and innovation.

💰 Bundle Price: Unwrap the joys of the season with our Golden memories Tea Bundle, priced at just $98 during this special promotion.
It's the perfect way to delight your senses and those of your loved ones.

🎁 Gifts That Keep Giving:
But that's not all! As a token of our appreciation, we're presenting you with a $58 discount code for your future order over $200.
It's our way of ensuring that your tea journey with OVP continues to be exceptional.

Additionally, when you introduce a friend or relative to the world of OVP Tea, you'll receive a $20 discount voucher, because the joy of tea is best when shared.

🌕 How to Share the Moonlight:

For Yourself: Immerse in the serenity of the Mid Autumn Festival with a cup of Golden memories tea. Let the moonlight fill your heart with tranquility.

For Friends: Light up your friends' lives by gifting them the Golden memories Tea Bundle. You will be rewarded by the $20 referral voucher to make the day even brighter.

For Family: Strengthen the bonds of love with a thoughtful gift for your relatives. Gather under the moon and share the magic of our exquisite tea.

👉 Order Now: click here to place your order.

This Mid Autumn Festival, join us in celebrating unity, tradition, and the celestial allure of the moon.
As you sip the moonlight from a cup of Golden memories tea, you're not just enjoying tea; you're embracing a cherished tradition passed down through generations.

Thank you for being part of the OVP Tea family.
We eagerly anticipate filling your cup with warmth and delight this Mid Autumn Festival.

We have 2 more promotion bundles to come!


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