The Entrepreneur of the Year Award, final round judging video by Christopher Chau, Old Village PuEr



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"The measure of an entrepreneur’s success is determined by their contribution to society.

It is a process of sharing (our knowledge), and how much the people have benefitted )from the knowledge sharing).  And also, sharing our success stories and lessons learned with others.

A successful entrepreneur must possess sharp insights, a firm execution power, and the fighting spirit.

EYA is a prestigious award establishment in the industry. To me, the essence of EYA is similar to an inner thought cleansing process.   The Award journey has allowed me to pause and reflect on the areas that can be improved within myself, and the company.

As the Confucian’s saying goes, “when we cultivate our inner-self, our outer-self radiates excellence”, that is my greatest reward from the Award journey."

By Christopher Chau

Old Village PuEr Pte Ltd, Singapore

New Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2018

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