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Black Classic Old Village PuEr Tea Gift Box

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Emanating a refreshing fruity aroma, complete with a bright and clear champagne-coloured tea liquor.  This soothing tea presents an exclusive experience while relaxing the senses.  Made from 100% natural full tea leaves with no artificial flavouring.

Classical black tea enhanced by unique Old Village PuEr Tea formula.  Tea leaves are given ample room to release all essentials with a full aroma to form a perfect cup of desired Old Village PuEr Tea. 

Suitable for iced tea.

Black Classic Power

It helps in anti-aging, to promote blood circulation, aids digestion and eases the discomfort of overly-sweet desserts.  Especially for trouble with digestion and seeking general beauty.



可热或冷饮。  果香浓郁,口感饱满,生津解渴,清淡茶香。 自得其乐,喝上一杯,助促进血液循环、养颜。

Contents of Black Classic Old Village PuEr Tea Gift Box

  • 24 individually packaged teabags in a gift box; or 12 teabags with a borosilicate filter cup with lid worth $20
  • Premium grade whole leaves black tea, 1st & 2nd leaves, not tea dust


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