THANK YOU - OVP Tea has a successful event at Marina Bay Sands Exhibition and Convention Centre Singapore ICT 2022



I hope you are having a great month! We at OVP have just finished our International Coffee and Tea (ICT) show and we are would like to announce what a great pleasure it has been meeting all the attendees!

I observed more of the young generation taking interest in tea and tea culture and was even pleasantly surprised by how much some youngsters knew about tea! This has reaffirmed my commitment to spread Chinese tea culture as well as the benefits of drinking tea to a more diverse group of people so as to ensure continuity of this oriental tradition and to bring wellness to others.

In addition, we would like to specially thank our long-time Tea friends that came down to show your support.

This was a great morale booster and we are more than delighted to see you! Due to the overwhelming support, we have oversold our 'Little Tangerines' ( Dried Tangerine peel Shou Puer), thus we are striving to restock it in a week's time so as to meet this surge in demand.

That said, other teas that have received a great amount of positive attention are our Peony Fairy, Phoenix Reborn and, last but certainly not least, the 2012 Imperial-grade Shou Puer Teacake from Mt. Bulang.

After reflecting on this ICT and more importantly, to show gratitude to all the support shown, I have decided to introduce another round of promotions. This is to serve OVP Tea friends who cannot make it to this ICT and to cater to new and existing customers who would love to see the promotions extended.

Moreover, Father's day and the Dragon Boat Festival are coming up and this round of promotions is the perfect opportunity to prepare for such occasions. Please stay tuned!

Once again, my heartfelt thanks to the support we have received for the past few days and I look forward to meeting you in person in our show room. And don't forget, drink tea, stay healthy!


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