Zisha teapot Zi Ye Shi Piao, handmade by artist Level 3, LV Jie-Ping 吕介平(L3-2020) 本山绿泥 紫砂壶  “子冶石瓢”
Zisha teapot Zi Ye Shi Piao, handmade by artist Level 3, LV Jie-Ping 吕介平(L3-2020) 本山绿泥 紫砂壶  “子冶石瓢”

Zisha teapot Zi Ye Shi Piao, handmade by artist Level 3, LV Jie-Ping 吕介平(L3-2020) 本山绿泥 紫砂壶 “子冶石瓢”

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Artist:  LV Jie-Ping 吕介平

Level 3, awarded in the year of 2020

The Shape 器型:子冶石瓢 Ziye Shi Piao

The Materials 泥料:本山绿泥 LV Ni

Capacity 容量: 200 cc

The Shape 

Ziye Shi Piao is named after the famous person "Qu Ziye". His original name was Qu Yingshao (1778-1849), also known as Bizhe and Yuehu. He was a native of Shanghai and a successful candidate in the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty. He excelled in poetry and prose, seal carving, and painting, and studied under the famous artist Yun Nantian. He collected and preserved many antiques throughout his life, and his home was decorated with ancient ritual vessels and calligraphy and paintings by famous people from ancient and modern times. He made many teapots during his lifetime and often imitated the works of Chen Mansheng.

He employed many pottery craftsmen and used Yixing kaolin clay to make various teapot molds. He painted bamboo and wrote poems on the teapot himself, and his friend Deng Fusheng carved the seals. In his later years, he designed the Yuehu teapot, which he called the "Qu teapot", but unfortunately, his teapot-making technique did not pass down to future generations. The Qu teapot came in two types: coarse and fine sand, with the latter featuring bamboo drawings with very few strokes, giving it a unique and ancient charm.

After Shanghai opened its port, the Japanese sought out Qu teapots and brought them to the East, where one pot could sell for dozens of silver dollars. During the Xianfeng period, the Shanghai Small Sword Society rebelled, and Qu Yingshao's calligraphy and painting antiques were lost in the war, with only his "Yuehu Poem and Painting" remaining in the world.

The Shi Piao teapot is shaped like a pyramid with three sides, with a plump and full body and a stable base due to its center of gravity. It is highly ornamental, and its short and powerful spout is cylindrical in shape, allowing for a smoother and more forceful water flow. The pot lid and body are tightly sealed, giving the teapot excellent practicality.














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