Change of product name

Old Village PuEr Pte Ltd changes the name of its newly launched product, Liupao tea 2016 vintage, from Goldcoins Resurface to Tropical Belle.

It is now the same name series as OVP award-winning Liupao tea, Tropical Romance. the first runner-up in HongKong International tea competition 2016.


Just like all name of OVP fermented PuEr tea (shou-puEr), all starts with Golden, the name of OVP Liupao tea are now start with Tropical.  


Tropical Belle use tea leaves of Nan-shan White Hair Tea, originated from the Emperor of Ming Dynasty, and supervised by the Grand tea master, Mr Deng Chao-Nian, the founder of Famous formulas of Liupao, including four goldcoins, Bao-Lan, Yu-Jin-Xiang

Tropical Belle has remarkable impact on getting rid of dumpiness,  helps digestive system, helps lowering down fat cells, lowering down blood sugar level, Helps in gout and improve in lever function.

Tropical Belle has mild and balance taste that can be enjoyed whole day round.





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