New Product Launch - OVP Goldcoints Resurface Liupao tea

OVP tea launch its new Liupao tea, Golden Resurface on 8 Aug 2020 at the retail outlets during Covid-19 period.

 Speach from the founder of tea plantation, Mr XIE Yu



The new tea has a unique combination of both tea material and process.

Its leaves are from Bai Mao tea trees planted by the Empire of Jian-wen (1377~1402) in the Ming Dynasty when he went to Mt. NanShan Guangxi, the southern part of China. 

Nan Shan Bai Mao Cha (Nan Shan White hair tea) is one of 24 tribute tea during the Qing dynasty. 

Liupao tea was also one of 24 tribute tea during Qing dynasty, while this liupao tea was processed by the formula founder, Master Deng Chao-Nian.  which is Si Jin Qian.  



The newly launch batch is vintage 2016, 4 years professional post-fermentation has done, and now it shows its clear and bright dark maroon in liquor colour, steady and smooth mouth-feel, and warm body reaction. 

OVP tea master, Christopher Chau also solute to the founder of Nanshan Esteemed Liupao tea plantation, Mr Xie Yu, for his dedication to giving a new life to Nanshan Bai Mao Cha.  Mr Xie Yu and Christopher also childhood friends since.

During the New Product Launch, Christopher not only touches base the history of Liupao, but also the history of Liupao in Singapore, the legend of Nanshan Bai Mao Cha, the legend of Liupao classic formulas and the health benefits.

The selling price is S$29 per tin of 50 grams.

Now with a New Launch Special price at $19, or $380 per kg, the first batch was successfully SOLD OUT.

The new shipment will be available next Friday 29 Aug 2020.

Said by Tea Master Christopher Chau,  OVP tea will be continuously launching the best Chinese to tea lovers over the world.

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